Expertise in Employment Law

Founded in 2005, Avi Bitton English speaking Employment Lawyer in Paris practices employment law, workers union law and criminal employment law.

Avi Bitton has been recommended, in 2015 and 2016, by Legal 500 for its expertise in employment law and criminal law.

Lawyer in Employment law

Lawyer in Employment law

Employment law

  • Employment contract (CDI, CDD, …)
  • Work hours (extra work hours, part-time work, …)
  • Dismissal, redundancy
  • Amicable settlement

Workers union law

  • Professional elections of employees representatives (comité d’entreprise, délégués du personnel)
  • Appointment of workers union representative (délégué syndical)
  • Comité d’entreprise, Comité hygiène, sécurité et conditions de travail (CHSCT)
  • Dismissal of employees representative (salarié protégé)
  • Délit d’entrave

Criminal employment law

  • Illegal employment (‘travail dissimulé’)
  • Prêt de main-d’oeuvre illicite, marchandage de main-d’oeuvre
  • Discrimination (race, union, health, sex, religion, …)
  • Psychological harassment, sexual harassment
  • Hygiene, safety and work conditions
  • Industrial accident (accident du travail)

Recent cases

  • Discrimination and harassment: sentencing a computering company to pay damages for discrimination on return of maternity leave, psychological harassment and unfair dismissal (ruling of 25th April 2013, Cour of appeal of Versailles).
  • Sexual harassment: sentencing a public company to pay damages for unfair dismissal to a manager accused of sexual harassment by several colleagues (judgement of the Employment Tribunal of Créteil, 23rd December 2014).
  • Dismissal: advising a British company on the dismissal of a manager in France.
  • Employment contract: advising a British company on the drafting of a French law employment agreement.
  • Dismissal: sentencing of a famous TV production company for late delivery of legal documents
  • Illegal employment: suing before criminal courts a major law firm and its officers for breach of working hours regulations
  • Sexual harassment: suing a major pharmaceuticals company whom a manager has sexually abused an employee
  • Amicable settlement: negotiating an amicable settlement between a major franchising group and a union representative
  • Work hours: negotiating an amicable settlement between a large law firm and a lawyer associate in relation to breach of work hours rules

Press review

  • « Herbies faces court action from former associate in Paris », The Lawyer, 8 December 2009
  • « Plainte pénale d’un collaborateur contre un cabinet d’avocat pour travail dissimulé », Actuel Avocat, 4 December 2009
  • « Des avocats au ban des accusés », L’Express, 3 December 2009
  • « Le cabinet Taj condamné pour délit social de travail dissimulé », Actuel Avocat, 8 July 2009
  • « Bras de fer entre Karl Zéro et un ex-salarié », Le Figaro, 6 March 2009