Expertise in Business Law

Avi Bitton law firm acts in Business law, mainly in commercial law, distribution law and unfair competition.  

Commercial law, franchising law

  • Debt recovery
  • Franchising agreement, commercial agency agreement
  • Confidentiality agreement, non-disclosure agreement
  • Unfair competition: diverting of customers, defamation, …

Corporate law, brankruptcy procedures

  • Shareholders disputes, dismissal of company executives
  • Guarantee of liabilities
  • Bankruptcy and restructuring

Dispute resolution, litigation and arbitration

  • Tribunal of commerce: summary proceedings, seizing of assets, …
  • Tribunal de grande instance
  • Arbitration and mediation

Intellectual property and information technology

  • Internet: online advertising, domain names, …
  • Couterfeiting: trademarks, models, copyrights, …  
Lawyer in Business law

Lawyer in Business law