Expertise in family and estates

Avi Bitton Law Firm focuses on Family Law and Inheritance Law. We handle complex divorce cases involving hidden assets, valuable and sophisticated corporate structures, international legal issues. We act for spouses seeking to protect their wealth as well as for those claiming their fair share.

Lawyer in Family Law and Estates

Lawyer in Family Law and Estates

Our firm often advise American, Canadian and British nationals. We work on a regular basis with foreign lawyers, notaries, bailiffs, and private investigators. We plead before civil courts (family affairs judge) and criminal courts.

Family Law :

– Divorce national and international (divorce between expatriate spouses, divorce between foreign spouses or spouses living outside France)

Compensatory allowance, alimony, damages

Child custody, parental authority, visitation and accommodation rights

Criminal family law:

– Assault on children: incest, abandonment of family, violation of a court decision relating to child custody, kidnapping of minors, interference with the exercise of parental authority, endangering minors by deprivation of food or care, …

– Domestic violence: domestic physical and / or psychological violence, rape and sexual assault on a spouse or partner, revenge porn …

Inheritance law:

– Wills: advice on wills, assistance in drafting a holograph will to ensure compliance with legal conditions and filing with the Notary for registration.

– Donations and bequests: donations made during his lifetime or donations in an inheritance context, whether these are donations made in advance of an inheritance part or donations made outside the inheritance part.

– Inheritances: acceptance or acceptance up to the amount of the net assets of the estate

– Assistance and representation of heirs: regime of assets, calculations of inheritance rights.

Criminal inheritance law:

– Fraudulent inheritance

– Forged will

– Breach of trust (notaries, …)

– Abuse of weakness (donations, …)