Recent Cases - Criminal Law

  • Attempt of murder: defence of a person accused of attempt of murder against his girlfriend (he pleaded guilty) ; sentence provided by the Criminal Code: more than 30 years of prison ; sentence demanded by the Public Prosecutor: 15 years of prison ; sentence issued by the Criminal Court: 8 years of prison (verdict of the Criminal Court of Melun, 2 October 2015).
  • Discrimination: cancellation on the basis of procedural irregularities of public prosecutions against a civil servant accused of discrimination (judgment of Criminal Tribunal of Créteil, 6 May 2015).
  • Assault and battery: sentencing of the accused person to pay damages to the victim (judgment of the Criminal Tribunal of Paris, 18 September 2013).
  • Sexual assault: acquittal of a person accused of sexual assault against a work colleague (judgment of the Criminal Tribunal of Cherbourg, 3 September 2013).
  • Arson: acquittal of a person accused of arson on the basis of procedural irregularities (judgment of the Criminal Tribunal of Paris, 12 February 2013).
  • Armed robbery: cancellation of a police custody for procedural irregularities and immediate release of the accused person during his custody (judgement of the Court of Appeal of Paris, 19 December 2011).
  • Financial fraud: acquittal of a person accused of financial fraud (judgment of the Criminal of de Paris, 12 January 2012).
  • Rape: sentencing a serial rapist to 30 years of imprisonment and to pay damages to the victim (verdict of the Cour d’assises de Paris, 16th April 2010).