Recent Cases - Employment Law

Discrimination and harassment: sentencing a computering company to pay damages for discrimination on return of maternity leave, psychological harassment and unfair dismissal (ruling of 25th April 2013, Cour of appeal of Versailles).

Sexual harassment: sentencing a public company to pay damages for unfair dismissal to a manager accused of sexual harassment by several colleagues (judgement of the Employment Tribunal of Créteil, 23rd December 2014).

Dismissal: advising a British company on the dismissal of a manager in France.

Employment contract: advising a British company on the drafting of a French law employment agreement.

Dismissal: sentencing of a famous TV production company for late delivery of legal documents

Illegal employment: suing before criminal courts a major law firm and its officers for breach of working hours regulations

Sexual harassment: suing a major pharmaceuticals company whom a manager has sexually abused an employee

Amicable settlement: negotiating an amicable settlement between a major franchising group and a union representative

Work hours: negotiating an amicable settlement between a large law firm and a lawyer associate in relation to breach of work hours rules