Recent Cases - Personal injury Law

  • Work accident : sentencing of a large distribution company to pay damages to its employee, for its breach of the obligation of safety in the event of a work accident (Paris Court of Appeal, January 30th, 2018).
  • Cour d’assises – Rape of a minor : defense of a victim of rape of a minor ; conviction of the defendant and sentencing to compensation for the harm caused to the victim (Cour d’assises du Val-d’Oise, December 6th 2016).
  • Organized gang armed robbery : granting of an advance on compensation to the victims and appointment of a medical expert to assess the damages (Tribunal de grande instance de Paris, November 15th, 2013).
  • Assault and battery: sentencing of the accused person to pay damages to the victim (Criminal Court of Paris, September 18th, 2013).
  • Sexual assault : conviction of the perpetrator of deliberate violence and sexual assault against a prostitute, sentenced to four years of imprisonment and to the payment of damages to the victim and to an association fighting against sexual violence (Paris Criminal Court, June 7th, 2012).
  • Rape : sentencing a serial rapist to 30 years of imprisonment and to pay damages to the victim (Cour d’assises de Paris, April 16th, 2010).
  • Commission d’indemnisation des victimes d’infractions (CIVI) : granting of an advance on compensation to the victim of a rape, before the trial before the Cour d’assises (December 12th, 2008).