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Expertise in Personal injury Law

Avi Bitton Lawyers has been advising and defending victims of personal injuries for 20 years. The law firm assists victims of accidents and offences throughout the judicial proceedings to obtain redress.

The law firm advises you, from the first steps taken with your insurance company to the defense of your interests before civil and criminal courts.

Contact us (all confidential): the sooner you consult us, the better we can advise you.

Victims of road accidents

Avi Bitton Lawyers and Attorneys frequently assists victims of road accidents, whether pedestrians, car drivers, bikers, cyclists, or passengers. Damages are assessed by following the “nomenclature Dintilhac“, whose framework enables victims to get full compensation for losses, whose consequences can be severe (head trauma, permanent disability, PTSD, health expanses, loss of income, …).

We first try to negotiate an amicable agreement with the insurance company of the author of the damage. In case of failure, or if the proposed compensation is not sufficient, we take the case to court.

Insurance companies often offer low compensations, which do not correspond to compensable damages. Victims should not accept them until they got a legal advice from a lawyer, who can help them claim the rightful compensation of the damage. To this end, we work with a network of independent medical doctor experts and ajusters.

Avi Bitton Lawyers assists you in your administrative and legal steps :

  • $Expertise assistance (judicial expertise, private expertise)
  • $Legal protection
  • $Proceedings before the Civil Court
  • $Criminal proceedings before Criminal Courts, the juge d’instruction or the cour d’assises (judicial complaint, proceedings as a civil party, …)

Victims of life accidents

Avi Bitton Lawyers assists victims of everyday accidents in their negociations with their insurance companies.

Life accidents can be domestic (burn, injury, fall, exposure to toxic products, …), occur outside (sports accident, ski fall, horse fall, …), or be consecutive to a natural disaster.

Your damages can be compensable if a third party is involved (personal liability, defective products liability, …) or, when you have caused your own damage but have subscribed to a “Life Accident Guarantee” (LAG) insurance contract.

Avi Bitton Lawyers assists you in the steps you take :

  • $Insurance claim and other steps taken with your insurance company
  • $Expertise assistance (judicial expertise, private expertise)
  • $Proceedings before Civil Courts

Victims of criminal offences

Avi Bitton Lawyers has been defending victims of criminal offences and their families for more than fifteen years :

  • $Victims of terrorist attacks (attack on Rue des Rosiers, Marrakech attacks, Paris attacks of November 2015)
  • $Victims of crimes and sexual offenses (sexual assault, rape, …)
  • $Victims of violence (deliberate violence, armed robbery, …)

Victims and their families can initiate criminal proceedings, by filing a complaint and proceed as civil parties, to obtain compensation for their damages. They can also submit their case to the Commission d’Indemnisation des Victimes d’Infractions (CIVI).

The CIVI allows the compensation of the loss by a guaranty fund, so that the damage you have suffered gives rise to compensation regardless of the solvency of the perpetrator of the offense you have been victim of. Compensation for victims of terrorism also calls for national solidarity. “Life Accident Guarantee” (LAG) insurance contracts usually provide for coverage of damages caused by criminal offences.

Avi Bitton Lawyers assists you in all the steps you take :

  • $Criminal proceedings before Criminal Courts, the juge d’instruction or the cour d’assises (judicial complaint, proceedings as a civil party, …)
  • $Steps taken with your insurance company
  • $Expertise assistance (judicial expertise, private expertise)
  • $Proceedings before the CIVI

Victims of work accidents

For more than fifteen years, Avi Bitton Lawyers has been defending victims of work accidents, and their families, against employers, authors of damages or health insurance (CPAM), before Criminal Courts and before the Social Security Court (tribunal des affaires de la sécurité sociale or TASS).

Any accident which “occurred because or during [your] work” [article L. 411-1 of de Code de la sécurité sociale] (at your workplace, on your way to work, because of your professional activity, …) is presumed to be attributable to your professional activity. It thus gives entitlement to a lump sum compensation by social security. An occupational disease is also compensable by the payment of an annuity or a lump sum compensation.

These indemnities can correspond to a full compensation if the employer is found guilty of an ‘inexcusable fault’ by the Social Security Court (TASS) (lack of training or information, absence of protective devices, failure to respect rules of hygiene or safety, …). The annuity paid by your health insurance (CPAM) can then be increased and supplemented.

Avi Bitton Lawyers assists you in all your compensation requests :

  • $Proceedings before the Social Security Court (recognition of an ‘inexcusable fault’)
  • $Expertise assistance (judicial expertise, private expertise)
  • $Criminal proceedings (judicial complaint, proceedings as a civil party, …)
  • $Steps taken with Labour Inspection

Compensable losses

Avi Bitton Lawyers obtains, by amicable agreement or by court judgment, compensation for the following damages :

For direct victims :

Patrimonial damages : they are divided into temporary and permanent damages and include health expenses, various expenses (transportation, childcare, household care, legal fees, …), loss of income, expanses for adapted housing and vehicle, assistance by a third person, suffering experienced, …

Extra-patrimonial damages : they are divided into temporary and permanent damages and include permanent disability, agreement prejudice (sports or leisure activities), aesthetic prejudice, sexual prejudice, establishment prejudice (loss of hope, loss of opportunity or any possibility of fulfilling a ‘normal’ family life project), …

For indirect victims (‘victimes par ricochet’)

Patrimonial damages : loss of income of relatives (deceased or disabled spouse or parent), funeral expenses, …

Extra-patrimonial damages : prejudice of accompaniment (moral prejudice of the relatives), prejudice of affection, sexual prejudice, …

Insurance law

Avi Bitton Lawyers assists you in all your steps and negociations with insurance companies :

  • $Insurance Claim
  • $Examination of the first amicable offer
  • $Amicable negotiation of indemnifications
  • $Legal protection

Recent cases & Press review
Avi Bitton Lawyers & Partners

Personal injury Law

  • Work accident: sentencing of a large distribution company to pay damages to its employee, for its breach of the obligation of safety in the event of a work accident (Paris Court of Appeal, January 30th, 2018).
  • Cour d’assises – Rape of a minor: defense of a victim of rape of a minor ; conviction of the defendant and sentencing to compensation for the harm caused to the victim (Cour d’assises du Val-d’Oise, December 6th 2016).
  • Organized gang armed robbery: granting of an advance on compensation to the victims and appointment of a medical expert to assess the damages (Tribunal de grande instance de Paris, November 15th, 2013).
  • Assault and battery: sentencing of the accused person to pay damages to the victim (Criminal Court of Paris, September 18th, 2013).
  • Sexual assault: conviction of the perpetrator of deliberate violence and sexual assault against a prostitute, sentenced to four years of imprisonment and to the payment of damages to the victim and to an association fighting against sexual violence (Paris Criminal Court, June 7th, 2012).
  • Rape: sentencing a serial rapist to 30 years of imprisonment and to pay damages to the victim (Cour d’assises de Paris, April 16th, 2010).
  • Commission d’indemnisation des victimes d’infractions (CIVI): granting of an advance on compensation to the victim of a rape, before the trial before the Cour d’assises (December 12th, 2008).

  • « Le crime de Maincy », émission ‘L’heure du crime’, RTL, 2 février 2017.
  • « Sans mobile », reportage 7 à 8, TF1, 22 janvier 2017.
  • « Assassinat de Marie : 20 ans de réclusion pour la mère », La République de Seine-et-Marne, 9 janvier 2017.
  • « Une femme condamnée à 20 ans de prison pour l’assassinat de sa fille », L’Express, 9 janvier 2017.
  • « Une mère accusée d’avoir étouffé sa fille devant les assises », Libération, 4 janvier 2017.
    Interview de Avi Bitton (audio), Radio France, 4 janvier 2017.
  • « La maman accusée d’avoir tué sa fille passait passait pour une bonne mère », Le Parisien, 4 janvier 2017.
  • « Une mère soupçonnée d’infanticide jugée aux assises », Le Point, 3 janvier 2017.
  • « L’aide juridictionnelle pour les terroristes remise en cause ? » (vidéo), I-Télé, 23 novembre 2016.
  • « Le beau-père violeur condamné vingt ans après les faits », Le Parisien, 7 décembre 2016.
  • « Ils se battent pour que les terroristes remboursent leurs frais de défense », L’Express, 23 novembre 2016.
  • « Un concert de punk annulé pour ‘incitation au viol’ », Le Monde, 26 mars 2015.
  • « Des victimes de viol réclament un nouveau procès », L’Express, 3 mars 2014.
  • « L’inceste », interview BFM TV (journal 12-15), 28 janvier 2014.
    « Un homme en détention pour avoir transmis sciemment le sida », Le Monde, 3 août 2011.
  • « Attentat de Marrakech : le sort des victimes est entre les mains de la justice marocaine », L’Express, 30 juillet 2011.
  • « Attentat de Marrakech : les familles des victimes françaises reçues par les juges », Le Point, 29 juillet 2011.

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Our law firm has been assisting victims in their negotiations with insurance companies and compensation funds for 20 years.

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Avi Bitton law firm - 10 lawyers and jurists - 20 years of experience - More than 4,000 clients:

  • Managers and Executives,
  • Victims of assaults and accidents,
  • Accused of crimes and misdemeanors.

High-profile cases: Carlos Ghosn, Altice, HSBC Falciani, terrorist attack on Rue des Rosiers, ….

Media interviews on television channels (TF1, France 2, France 24, BFM TV, etc.), national press (Le monde, Le Figaro, Libération, Les Echos, etc.), regional press (Ouest France, Nice Matin, etc.) and international (Wall Street Journal, The Guardian, The Lawyer, ...) on legal cases: Nicolas Sarkozy, Dominique Strauss-Khan ....

Avi Bitton:

  • Former Member of the Disciplinary Council of the Paris Bar Association (2013, 2018 to 2023).
  • Former Member of the Council of the Paris Bar (2010-2015)
  • Former Member of the National Bars Council (2012-2015).
  • Author of "The trial before the employment Tribunal", published by LGDJ, one of the main legal publishers (2018).

Avi Bitton is regularly consulted by the Government (Ministry of Justice, Ministry of Labor, National Assembly, Senate, etc.) on reforms in labor law and criminal law.

International activity for private clients (expatriate individuals, foreign companies, etc.) or institutional clients (embassies, consulates, etc.) with clients in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, the European Union (Portugal, Italy, Germany...), Russia, Brazil, Israel, Morocco or Rwanda.

Law Firm recommended by French and international Best Lawyers, Décideurs and Legal 500 rankings.

Collaboration with former judges, private detectives (searches for goods to be seized abroad, identification of witnesses, ...), experts (scientific experts, medical experts, experts in toxicology, ...) and bailiffs (seizures of bank accounts, ...).

Correspondence with foreign law firms: Great Britain (London), Italy (Milan), Latvia (Riga), Ukraine (Kiev), Romania (Bucharest) and Bulgaria (Sofia), and in the regions: Lyon, Toulon and Rouen.

Languages ​​spoken: English and Portuguese.

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